Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Its a Polka Dot Type of World...

So, today (4-24-12), I wore one of my favorite color combinations-red and black, only this time I added in some white. While most people might consider this color scheme to be a bit boring, I don't. It works because of its simplicity and today's outfit was no exception. I wore a white tank top-like overshirt over a black and white polka dot tank top, with red harem pants (as seen in a previous post). My accessories were black and white swirl, square glasses, diamond earrings, a black and silver/granite/black chained necklace, two sterling silver rings (one buckle ring, the other is three stackable rings), a handbag, and black flats (some seen in previous posts). The funny thing about today's outfit is that I was actually going to wear a red pencil skirt with a skinny khaki belt instead, but at the last minute this morning, I changed my mind. Maybe one day, I'll wear it in another way and post pics. Until then, enjoy these pics. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.
Overshirt-Forever 21, Polka Dot Tank-Outback Red, Glasses-Vera Bradley, Rings-TJ Maxx (the three stackable rings are Royale Bijoux), Purse-MMS Design Studio
P.S. I know your wondering why you don't see a close-up shot of the rings AND why I carried a turquoise blue and tan purse if I'm wearing red...well, the two answers are simple.
1. I'm waiting to post a close-up of the rings for when I wear a whole other outfit (and when I get my nails done..hehe), trust me, they're worth the wait.
2. I'm a very random person and sometimes I do random things, case in point: carrying a blue bag when I'm wearing red, for me, it added an extra uumph to my outfit. Happy Fashion.:)

Love this purse!!!Been wanting it for a while...and now it's finally mine!:)

P.P.S. Do you like my hair? It was done by my good friend Ravin (She's a Paul Mitchell graduate and will one day be a feature in my magazine, so look out). She did a great job and my hair is soooooo soft! I love it!! Thanks Rae.:)