Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Casual Chillin'

So yesterday was a very chill type of day for me when it came to the wardrobe. I'm talking about big overshirt, fitted tank, black legging-type of pants, and Chuck Taylors type of chill. The reason? Mainly because it was fashionable without doing too much, and to accomodate my messed up left foot (courtesy of a slip on Sunday). I wore a rolled-up, blue jean shirt, white fitted muscle tank underneath, black legging pants with the exposed zip down the calve, and Hi-Top, bubble gum pink Converse All-Stars. The shoes were meant to be the standout part of the outfit and they were because of their color. P.S.-*Fashion Tip* can always add fashion glasses, such as the black and white ones I have on, to give your outfit a little something extra. It does the trick without going over the top. Blue Jean Shirt-Prototype via TJ Maxx, White Muscle Shirt-Zenana Outfitters via TJ Maxx, Black Zip legging pants-Connection 18 via Tj Maxx, Pink Converse All-Stars via TJ Maxx, Silver Necklace- Kay Jewelers (gifted to me for my birthday almost two years ago), and Black and White glasses-Vera Bradley (gifted from my grandma). P.P.S.-as you can see, I'm definitely a Maxxanista.:) Sound off in the comment section and let me know what you think of my casual outfit. Happy Wednesday's lovies.


  1. Like it! Love the pink sneakers!