Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Take Me Away...

Hello, hello, hello...How was you guys' day? Mine was pretty good with beautiful weather to boot, which brings me to the topic of this quick fashionable post. Now that spring is here and summer is on its way, it's time for me to pull out one of my favorite warm weather staples-a sundress. For me, I love sundresses because not only are they light and easy but their just one piece. I mean really...can we say perfect? I think we can, lol. This particular sundress is a new purchase, bought just this week (I'm such a shop-a-holic,lol). I immediately loved it because it just reminded me of a flag of a Caribbean country, which in turn reminded me of the beach (hints the reason for the title, I love the beach btw). I just love this colorful dress, I hope you do too. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

Dress-Fashion Instincts via TJ Maxx
P.S.-since this dress is a knockout all by itself, I just chose simple gold and tan accessories (all seen in previous posts)-gold post earrings, gold bracelets, brown cross-shouldered purse, and light brown sandals 

Its a Polka Dot Type of World...

So, today (4-24-12), I wore one of my favorite color combinations-red and black, only this time I added in some white. While most people might consider this color scheme to be a bit boring, I don't. It works because of its simplicity and today's outfit was no exception. I wore a white tank top-like overshirt over a black and white polka dot tank top, with red harem pants (as seen in a previous post). My accessories were black and white swirl, square glasses, diamond earrings, a black and silver/granite/black chained necklace, two sterling silver rings (one buckle ring, the other is three stackable rings), a handbag, and black flats (some seen in previous posts). The funny thing about today's outfit is that I was actually going to wear a red pencil skirt with a skinny khaki belt instead, but at the last minute this morning, I changed my mind. Maybe one day, I'll wear it in another way and post pics. Until then, enjoy these pics. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.
Overshirt-Forever 21, Polka Dot Tank-Outback Red, Glasses-Vera Bradley, Rings-TJ Maxx (the three stackable rings are Royale Bijoux), Purse-MMS Design Studio
P.S. I know your wondering why you don't see a close-up shot of the rings AND why I carried a turquoise blue and tan purse if I'm wearing red...well, the two answers are simple.
1. I'm waiting to post a close-up of the rings for when I wear a whole other outfit (and when I get my nails done..hehe), trust me, they're worth the wait.
2. I'm a very random person and sometimes I do random things, case in point: carrying a blue bag when I'm wearing red, for me, it added an extra uumph to my outfit. Happy Fashion.:)

Love this purse!!!Been wanting it for a while...and now it's finally mine!:)

P.P.S. Do you like my hair? It was done by my good friend Ravin (She's a Paul Mitchell graduate and will one day be a feature in my magazine, so look out). She did a great job and my hair is soooooo soft! I love it!! Thanks Rae.:) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bright Citrus Tights...

So, yesterday I told you I would post a really cute outfit that I wore on Saturday night for girls' night out...and now, the moment is finally here. I wore a gray lapel-like blazer, a white tank, and an orange bodycon skirt. My accessories were gold hoop earrings (borrowed from my friend), a brown cross-shouldered bag, gold bracelets, and light brown sandals (most seen in previous posts). I loved the contrast of the gray blazer with the tan accessories and orange skirt. I believe the outfit was really cute for girls' night out. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts.
can you see the print on the skirt? (look closely)

the gold hoop earrings

Blazer-Pinky via TJ Maxx, Tank-Forever 21, Skirt-Charlotte Russe, Earrings-TJ Maxx

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Old Vintage-Street Style #3

Hello, hello, hello. How was you guys' weekend? I hope good. Mine was very hectic, from Friday morning up until right now on Sunday night, I've been ripping and running. Because of this, I was unable to post the Street Style for this week...until now...So, here it is. This week's Street Styler is my coworker/church member, Latrina. Latrina is rocking the neon trend with this outfit. Trina is wearing a turquoise and white cardigan-type shirt, a long neon green tank with a black tank underneath, and light/dark gray skinny jeans. Her accessories were black glasses, a diamond ring, a multi-colored woven bracelet, flashy, circular earrings, and black sandals. She had matching nails (neon green with a blue and white leopard design that she did herself (I plan on doing a feature on her when the magazine gets up and running)) to boot and a very cute, edgy shaven hairstyle. What do you guys think of her street style? Comment in the comments section and let me know what you think.
The super cute, neon-trend rocking Latrina

The ring

Side view of the hairstyle and (the earrings)

Her nails

The sandals

P.S. Tomorrow, I'll do a post of a very cute outfit I wore Saturday for our girls' night out. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now (yes, I had a Tigger from Winnie the Pooh moment,lol)).:) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Mix It Up!

Hello beautiful people, it's time for a double feature....I can finally post the pictures I've been holding onto for a while now. I've been itching to put them up. goes, I'm posting two different outfits of me trying out the mixing prints trend.....
In the first outfit (that I wore last week), I'm wearing a light pink/cream striped button-down tank top with hot pink skinny jeans. My accessories are gold post earrings, a leopard infinity scarf, gold bracelets, a tan cross-shouldered purse/ clutch, and gold flats (all seen in previous posts). Even though normally I wouldn't ever think to put stripes and leopard together, it works because of the pinks and golds and tans. I loved it. Tank-TJ Maxx, Pants-JC Penney's.
Outfit #1

Pinks, Gold, and Tans, oh my!

Outfit #1's accessories

Outfit #2

The purse

With the blazer
In the second outfit (that I wore today), I'm wearing a light blue navy spaghetti-strapped dress that has a pink, green, and white triangular print. My accessories were gold post earrings, a leopard infinity scarf, a light brown cross-shouldered purse, and dark brown sandals (most seen in previous posts). Even though these two prints are from completely different ends of the spectrum, they worked together. It ended up being a really cute spring outfit to wear on a beautifully sunny day. Later on, in the evening, I had to work, so for work I added a black blazer. Blazer-Ali & Kris (via TJ Maxx), Dress-Bella D (via TJ Maxx), Purse-Vintage (borrowed from my stylish grandma...:)) Sound off in the comment section and let me know your thoughts on my mix it up style. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Feeling A Little Blue...

So, today, even though it was rather chilly early in the morning, I really wanted to wear this new bodycon skirt that I recently I did. Today, I wore a sea green/teal quarter-length, satin shirt with a royal blue bodycon skirt with a red lip. My accessories were gold post earrings, a silver necklace, a blue and silver ring, gold bracelets, a tan colored cross-shoulder purse/clutch, and dark brown/tan sandals (all seen in previous posts). I felt really cute in my different shades of blue. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comment section and tell me your thoughts. Shirt-Fun & Flirt By Japna (via TJ Maxx) and Skirt-Say What? U.S.A. (via TJ Maxx)   

Spring Trend Alert...Lace

Coral lace shirt (Forever 21)

Cream lace short (Forever 21)

Periwinkle lace short (Forever 21)

Light Blue lace skirt (Forever 21)

Lace clothes (shown on the runway)
One of the most stylish trends out right now is lace, even more so, colored lace. Lace is something that is no longer just associated with things like lingerie and/or something that older women might or would wear. It has became a very sexy but still innocent & cute trend to try and make your own. Whether it is a pair of shorts, a skirt, or a shirt or dress, lace is definitely in style. I, myself, have a very cute, white lace dress that I plan to rock very soon. As soon as I do, I will definitely post pics. As for now, though, check out a few cute example of lace items I found around the web., all of them, I would wear...P.S. here's a tip: only wear one item of lace at a time...happy shopping.:)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just A Touch of Red...

My earrings

My matching clutch and pumps

The jumper all by its lonesome
Remember the other day when I said I would show the harem jumper by itself, once it got warm? Well, that day arrived a little sooner than later. While today was a little windy, it was still relatively warm enough to wear it. I wore it to church today with a white blazer over it. My accessories were bow pearl earrings, my black beaded-silver/granite necklace (as seen in previous posts), a wine red clutch, and wine red pumps. So what do you think of the jumper by itself? What do you think of the entire look?...Sound off below and let me know your thoughts. Happy Sunday.:)...Blazer-the Limited, Jumper-Body Central, Earrings-Charming Charlie's, Clutch and Pumps-Nine West

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Into the Gray

My preppy look

My golden bracelets and the blue ring

My sandals (P.S. I'm rocking another hot spring trend on my toes, bright, bold nail color! This nail color is called Water Street Blue by NYC-New York Color)
Hello Old Vintagers, did you have a wonderful Saturday?...Mine was pretty busy, but, I digress...back to the topic at hand...So, since yesterday was Street Style Friday, I decided to not take away from the street stylers shine by posting my own look for the day. Instead, I decided to wait until today to post the look. So, here it is...Yesterday's outfit was a preppy sort-of look (ode to my mother). I wore a dark gray cardigan-type of shirt over a long-sleeve, white button-down with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of wrinkle-style skinny,blue jeans with a short zipper down each side, and tan/light brown sandals. My accessories were diamond earrings, my light tan clutch/cross-shouldered purse (as seen in previous posts), a silver ring with a blue, square jewel as its set, and gold bracelets (as seen in previous posts). Sooooo...what do you think of my preppy look? Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts. Cardigan-Forever 21, Shirt-the Limited, Jeans-TJ Maxx, Sandals-American Outfitters, Ring-Gifted