Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peachy Keen!

They say the best outfit's are the unplanned one's and in my eyes, yesterday's outfit is one that fit's that saying to a tee. Yesterday, for work, I wore a orange short-sleeve shirt atop a sleeveless peach shirt with it's tail sticking out (*) and hot pink skinny jeans (*). My accessories were big hot pink hoop earrings (*), gold and pink bangles (*), my granni's pearl bracelet (*), two beaded gold bracelets, a tan cross-shouldered purse/clutch (*), and my tan multi-colored wedge heels (*) (for work, I changed out of the heels though, I wore gold flats, not to be pictured). This outfit has lots's of personality and sass because of the color and it's also preppy (shoutout to my mommy, I get my preppyness from her :)). Hope you guy's like. Sound off in the comments and let me know.
Orange Shirt-Active, Gold Beaded Bracelets-gifted

the bracelets

the "tail" of the peach shirt

the whole outfit
*-as seen in other posts

Blue-Gray Clouds

Hi, you guys, how you doing? I just wanted to do a quick outfit post on an outfit I wore this past Tuesday. Tuesday was my off day for this week and so I wanted to just throw on something cute and simple, but still me. To achieve the cute but simple look, I went to my sundresses (they're one piece so it's so simple, yet stylish) and pulled out a gray and blue striped sundress that I've worn before (*) but this time, I edged it up a little by adding a Menswear vest (*). Menswear worn by women is very popular right now, so this change in styling still works. Another way I edged it up is by adding gray cloth creepers in. I've been looking for some creepers ever since I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Karen Blanchard of wear them. I fell in love with the way she styled them and wanted to try it out myself. My other accessories were big silver beaded/keyed hoops (*), a buckle ring (*), three silver stackable rings (*), a silver and turquoise ring, a silver stretch watch (*), and a tan cross-shouldered purse/clutch (*). I wore my hair in a messy bun as not to distract and because it's a simple style. Hope you guys like. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.
Silver and Turquoise Ring-Body Shop, Creepers-MIA via TJ Maxx

Silver and turquoise ring

close-up of the creepers

the whole outfit
*-as seen in other posts
Correction-these shoes are not creepers (unfortunately, :(), they are more like very first pair at that.

2 for the price of One!

Sooooo, about two weeks ago, I went back to Memphis with some friends to hang out and fellowship with each other. We went to the zoo (I haven't been since I was a kid, I forgot how big it was) and the mall (we got there so late because of traffic so we only had time for these two activities before hitting the road). With that being said, I decided to share with you my outfit for the day. I wore a light denim blue jean vest over a neon green see-through sleeveless shirt and a blue with white stripes, high-waisted bodycon skirt. My accessories were silver beaded/keyed hoops, a buckle ring (*), three stackable rings (*), a silver punctured ring, a silver stretch watch, a blue cross-shouldered purse, and neon green sandals to match the shirt. I love this outfit for many reasons; one of them being that every piece is so versatile; you can dress every piece up or dress it down... which brings me to another outfit I'm posting as well.
In this second outfit, I chose to show how the skirt could be worn more dressy. I wore this particular outfit this past Sunday to church. I wore a sleeveless peach see-through shirt with a khaki-colored tank underneath and the blue skirt. My accessories were big hot pink hoops (*), a pearl-stranded bracelet, gold bangles (*), a tan clutch (*), and a pair of nude pumps (*). I like this outfit because its very girlie and colorful. Hope you like these outfits. Sound off in the comment section and let me know your thoughts.
1st outfit-Blue jean vest-Tinseltown Denim Couture, Shirt/Skirt-Rue 21, Earrings-DIY, Ring-Body Shop, Watch-gifted, Purse-Dooney & Bourke, Sandals-Charlotte Russe
2nd outfit-Shirt-Ali & KRIS, Pearl bracelet-My granni's (great-grandmother...R.I.L.P) vintage costume jewelry

the earrings

the purse

the rings (including a close-up of the buckle and stackable rings I promised)

the whole outfit

My granni's pearl bracelet

the whole outfit
*-as seen in other posts
Bonus-I just want to tell yall a cool fact I found out at the zoo while checking out the apes. I found out that my hands and feet are about the size of a kid ape (I believe, could possibly be teenager, I've forgotten since then). Isn't that crazy?lol...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


the spiked bracelet and bangles

Chuck Taylors

the earrings

the whole outfit
 Hi, you guys!I'm finally back after not blogging for a while,soooo...I decided to share with you a quick outfit post on an outfit I wore sometime last week. This outfit is an ode to my tomboy side, BUT with a twist- I made it very girlie. For this outfit, I wore a gray beanie (*), a gray three-quarter length cut-off shirt, a gray and dark silver pinstripe Menswear blazer (*), and black cargo pants. For my accessories, I wore big purple hoops, a purple, silver spiked bracelet, a black bangle with smaller purple and silver bangles, a silver buckle ring (*), three silver stackable rings (*), and my black, white, and purple Converse Chuck Taylors. I love this outfit because it shows my inner tomboy while still allowing my girlie side to shine through (i.e. the cut-off shirt and the purple). Hope you guys like it. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.:)
Shirt-Modmodele!,Pants-Zinc,Earrings,spiked bracelet and bangles-gifted, Shoes-Converse Chuck Taylors