Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peachy Keen!

They say the best outfit's are the unplanned one's and in my eyes, yesterday's outfit is one that fit's that saying to a tee. Yesterday, for work, I wore a orange short-sleeve shirt atop a sleeveless peach shirt with it's tail sticking out (*) and hot pink skinny jeans (*). My accessories were big hot pink hoop earrings (*), gold and pink bangles (*), my granni's pearl bracelet (*), two beaded gold bracelets, a tan cross-shouldered purse/clutch (*), and my tan multi-colored wedge heels (*) (for work, I changed out of the heels though, I wore gold flats, not to be pictured). This outfit has lots's of personality and sass because of the color and it's also preppy (shoutout to my mommy, I get my preppyness from her :)). Hope you guy's like. Sound off in the comments and let me know.
Orange Shirt-Active, Gold Beaded Bracelets-gifted

the bracelets

the "tail" of the peach shirt

the whole outfit
*-as seen in other posts


  1. You look lovely! Love the pink colours! Have a nice weekend!


    1. Thanks Lolita, sorry I'm just now replying. Things have been a little hectic my way but again thanks.:)