Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blue-Gray Clouds

Hi, you guys, how you doing? I just wanted to do a quick outfit post on an outfit I wore this past Tuesday. Tuesday was my off day for this week and so I wanted to just throw on something cute and simple, but still me. To achieve the cute but simple look, I went to my sundresses (they're one piece so it's so simple, yet stylish) and pulled out a gray and blue striped sundress that I've worn before (*) but this time, I edged it up a little by adding a Menswear vest (*). Menswear worn by women is very popular right now, so this change in styling still works. Another way I edged it up is by adding gray cloth creepers in. I've been looking for some creepers ever since I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Karen Blanchard of wear them. I fell in love with the way she styled them and wanted to try it out myself. My other accessories were big silver beaded/keyed hoops (*), a buckle ring (*), three silver stackable rings (*), a silver and turquoise ring, a silver stretch watch (*), and a tan cross-shouldered purse/clutch (*). I wore my hair in a messy bun as not to distract and because it's a simple style. Hope you guys like. Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.
Silver and Turquoise Ring-Body Shop, Creepers-MIA via TJ Maxx

Silver and turquoise ring

close-up of the creepers

the whole outfit
*-as seen in other posts
Correction-these shoes are not creepers (unfortunately, :(), they are more like very first pair at that.

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