Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Messy Bun, Flowers, and Cowboy Boots...Oh My!

The title says it all, BUT, just in case you're confused, let me clear it up for you. This is another past outfit that I wore. I wore it to class on a beautiful September day. I wore a strapless purple and green floral-print dress that I accessorized with mint & gold earrings (I love these earrings which is why I wear them repeatedly, they were part of my b-day jewelry (shrugs shoulders carelessly)) (*), multiple gold & rose gold bracelets and bangles (*), a light tan waist belt, and brown/dark tan cowboy boots. I love this outfit because it's girly, but it's a different type of girly, a bit of a mix. My style is ever-evolving. It isn't ever the same and I always get inspiration to switch things up from seeing other people's style and putting my own little spin on it to make it me, and this outfit is no exception. While this outfit is not only girly (as aforementioned), it is also just something simple that I for one wanted to try: a dress with cowboy boots, so I did. It was a pretty fun outfit and I got lots of compliments on the entire look, which also included shimmering gold eyes and a messy bun to boot. Hope you guys like it; sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

Belt- Unknown, Dress-Julie's Closet via TJ Maxx, Boots-Brash
Walk in My shoes...

the whole outfit
*-as seen in other posts

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