Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oooh....On the K. Raichelle Tip

Soooo, one of my biggest musical influences is TLC (hints the title of this post, it's a play off their CD title- Oooh...On the TLC Tip); I absolutely love that group. One of the biggest reasons I loved them for was their fashion. Artists such as them and Aaliyah (R.I.P.), one of my very favorite singers, had a style all their own. It was boyish but still sexy....this is the look behind this particular post. Boyish (I've said many-a-times that I'm a tomboy, girly but still a tomboy...shrugs) but still sexy. For my own version of boyish BUT sexy, I wore a pink, navy blue, & white checkered button-down shirt over a white tank (*) with cuffed blue jean shorts (*). I added a navy blue (with a pink horse) POLO hat (*) and for my other accessories: diamond earrings (*), a silver buckle ring (*), and gray Oxfords (*). The look was simple (hey...let's face it, sometimes we as women don't wanna go all out, we want a relaxed look...this is mine...(shrugs shoulders)) and laid back. It was just ENOUGH swag (we should really retire this word...lol) without trying to hard. As always, let me know your thoughts below.

*-as seen in other posts

Or backward...
it's still my swag
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Whether forward...

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