Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue and Gray Madness!

Hello, hello, hello. Oh my goodness, it has been exactly 10 days since my last post and I've hated it. I've missed posting because I've been busy and computer issues, so, bare with me. Now that my explanation is out of the way, here's my outfit. This is an outfit I wore last week during finals, on Friday, I believe. I wore a blue and gray striped, spaghetti-strapped sundress. I wore it with a tan waist belt around it. My accessories were a gray beanie, gold post earrings, a tannish brown cross-shoulder bag, and light brown sandals (most seen in other posts). I love this outfit because it's just simple but very cute. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
P.S. the dress has a pretty gray lace back but I forgot to take a picture.:(...maybe next time.
the accessories

it was such a pretty day, just felt like smiling.:)

Dress-TJ Maxx, Belt-gifted by my mother

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  1. I love that dress!
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