Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a Floral Thing....You'll Catch On

Hello, hello, hello!...Welp,it's time to update the blog and add some posts that I've been meaning to add. Enjoy!!
I've noticed that one of the biggest spring/summer trends is floral prints and so I decided to try my take on it with a birthday present of mine from last year. So for this particular outfit, I wore a short-sleeve black dress that has a blue, green, and pink floral print over a light blue tank with my gray cloth Oxfords (*). For my accessories, I wore my beaded and keyed hoops (*), several big bangles and bracelets (*), a pearl-strand bracelet (*), a silver buckle ring (*), three silver jewel-encrusted stackable rings (*), and a silver and turquoise ring (*). Hope you guys like my take on the floral trend. Sound off in the comment section and let me know your thoughts.
Dress-Angie via TJ Maxx
P.S. Here's a quick fashion tip (FIP)- when executing a trend such as the floral trend, that one piece should be the standout piece, trying to add another statement piece (such as a busy shirt) would clash with the floral print which is made to stand out all on it's own. Want an example? Wear a pair of floral shorts or skirt with a plain tank/shirt and jazz it up with accessories. or Wear a floral dress with a blue jean vest and lace-up boots with simple jewelry. or even Wear a simple outfit with a pair of floral-printed shoes to make it pop! Happy floral hunting!!!:)
the whole outfit

P.P.S. I'm rocking another fun summer trend-bright nails!! I loved my yellow polish, it was a pop of happy on my fingers. hehe...
*-as seen in other posts

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